Minimize Risk. Stay Audit-Ready.

Legal & Regulatory

The legal risks and regulatory burdens in senior care are trending way up. CareSafely supports your legal and regulatory objectives with an all-digital solution that enables you to:

  • Assess and track all risks (infection, staff, safety, facility) on a single digital platform.
  • Reduce worker’s comp and insurance premiums by improving employee safety.
  • Defend employee injury lawsuits with digital documentation of supervisor-employee coaching on safety matters.
  • Lower likelihood of civil/criminal legal liability.
  • Positive Causal Loop Diagram
  • Negative Causal Loop Diagram

See How Safety & Quality Drive Performance

Executive Brief: Make Safety and Quality a Competitive Advantage

COVID-19 has broken the trust that seniors and their families place with senior care organizations. The broken trust has negative implications on business performance, legal liability & regulatory scrutiny, staffing, and brand. Based on fact-based analysis and best practices from “safety-first” industries, this executive brief proposes five initiatives to make safety and quality a competitive advantage.

Estimated Read Time: 10 minutes
Intended For: CEO, COO, CFO, VP of Quality/Compliance, General Counsel, Executive Director, VP of Sales/Marketing, Senior Living Investor, VP Resident Care, Board/Trustee