CareSafely Solution for Skilled Nursing, Nursing Home, and Post-Acute Care Facilities

Complete Safety, Quality & Compliance Platform

Skilled nursing and post-acute care facilities have significant Quality, Safety and Compliance (QSC) challenges. CareSafely is the only QSC solution that meets your demanding needs in a simple-to-use, digital platform expressly built for senior care.

Strengthen Patient Safety

  • Strengthen Infection Prevention & Control with expert-built assessments for COVID-19, C. diff, MRSA, CAUTI, etc.
  • Identify facility safety (fire, EoC) and patient safety (fall risk, med pass, sharps) gaps.
  • Improve hand hygiene and PPE compliance by 26% with digital staff observations.
  • Conduct digital COVID-19 symptoms checks for employees and visitors.
CareSafely Quality, Safely, Compliance Platform | Nursing Safety
CareSafely Quality Assurance Software | Senior Care Life

Drive Quality & Consistency

  • Assess quality gaps in patient care, dining, and engagement with pre-built and customizable assessments.
  • Track and quickly fix quality gaps across all facilities with clear accountability and deadlines.
  • Get a real-time “mission-control” view of quality across all facilities and functions.

Improve Census and Business Performance

  • Assure patients, hospitals, and medical practices of your safety and infection control commitment.
  • Safeguard organization’s brand and market reputation Reduce legal (personal and organizational) exposure.
  • Cut quality and safety program management admin time by 50%.
CareSafely Solution for Corporate & Executive Safety
CareSafely - Software for Nurses

Impact Staff Morale & Turnover

  • Assure employees of your robust safety and infection control program.
  • Reduce turnover with safer work environment.
  • Conduct employee COVID-19 self-checks via phone before entering facility.
  • Coach and build confidence of new hires/temps on IPC and safety standards.

Reduce Compliance & Regulatory Burden

  • Stay 24x7 audit ready with a complete view of all locations, functions, and risks.
  • Minimize worker’s comp claims by identifying high-risk staff and documenting coaching efforts.
  • Meet regulatory requirements with custom audits and assessments.
  • Identify high risk facilities, staff, and functions before an incident.
CareSafely Solution for Compliance & Regulatory Safety