CareSafely Solution for Public Health Departments

Safeguard Communities & Auditors

Ramping up infection control audits/assessments of nursing homes and LTC facilities but limited staff and antiquated systems make it impossible to fulfill your mandate? The CareSafely digital assessment and audit platform can be used by public health departments and certification agencies to conduct safe, effective assessments with real-time analytics. CareSafely can enable you to:

Auditor & Inspector Safety and Efficiency

  • Minimize in-facility exposure with digital assessments/audits that are 40-50% faster than paper-based systems.
  • Focus auditor time on mid/high risk facilities (e.g., 1x month) and reduce low risk facility frequency (e.g., 1x quarter).
  • Enable low-risk facilities to conduct self-audits on the off-audit months to keep oversight without a physical visit from the auditor/inspector.

Mission Effectiveness

  • Upload your own assessment/audit content or CareSafely’s pre-built content (based on latest guidance from CDC, CMS, and 5 state-level Public Health Departments).
  • Track every facility’s infection control risk with real-time dashboard and analytics.
  • Use real-time dashboard to segment low/mid/high risk facilities.
  • Adjust audit frequency based on risk level.

Outbreak Alerting

  • Instantly identify high-risk facilities with real-time reporting and analytics (no waiting for paper audits to be collated and analyzed).
  • Spot geographic outbreak trends quickly.

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