Minimize Risk. Stay Audit-Ready.

Legal & Regulatory

The legal risks and regulatory burden of infection control and safety are trending up. CareSafely can support your objectives with an all-digital solution that enables you to:

  • Assess and track all risks (infection, safety, facility) with a single digital platform and instant reporting/analytics.
  • Reduce worker’s comp and insurance premiums by improving employee safety.
  • Defend employee injury lawsuits with digital documentation of supervisor-employee coaching on safety matters.
  • Lower likelihood of civil/criminal legal liability related to COVID-19 outbreaks at facility.
  • Meet state/local government infection control audit requirements quickly.

Watch the Webinar | COVID-19: You Could Be Sued with Criminal Negligence & Civil Damages

Over 55 criminal and civil lawsuits have been filed against LTC directors and executives related to COVID-19 incidents. Could you be next? Join us for an informative webinar with an LTC-expert defense attorney who will brief you on the lawsuits and how you can protect yourself from personal liability while also protecting your organization.

Download Our Executive Brief

The Safety Challenge for Long-Term Care and Skilled Nursing

Working in LTC is now the “most dangerous job in America” and the impact of COVID-19 on residents, patients, and families is well known. This paper provides new data and analysis from reliable sources to understand the safety and risk management challenges in the LTC industry. The Executive Briefing also examines how other “safety-first” industries have dramatically improved their safety posture through six key best practices that can also be applied to LTC.

Estimated Read Time: 10-12 minutes (but well worth it)