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Safety & Risk Management is Critical to Census & Trust

In addition to the impact on seniors and staff, the COVID-19 pandemic has also impacted the business performance of most LTC organizations. As a leader, you recognize that safety and risk management is absolutely critical to building the confidence of residents, patients, staff, and regulators.


Source: The Safety Challenge for Long-Term Care and Skilled Nursing, CareSafely Executive Brief

But the current manual paper/email/spreadsheet “system” to manage a safety and risk program is no longer cutting it. You need to digitize the safety and risk workflows so you can assess all infection control and safety risks across all locations and functions in real-time. You need to quickly fix any open risks with clear action plans, accountability, and deadlines so nothing important is dropped that may end up in a lawsuit. You need real-time COVID-19 symptoms checks of staff, residents, and visitors. You need to confirm that new hires are actually following your safety standards on-the-floor. And you need a “mission control” dashboard and alerts before risks get out of control. The CareSafely platform is purpose-built for your needs.

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Executive Brief: Make Safety a Competitive Advantage

COVID-19 has broken the trust that seniors and their families place with senior care organizations (assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, hospice, and home health). The broken trust has negative implications on business performance, legal liability & regulatory scrutiny, staffing, and brand. Based on fact-based analysis and best practices from “safety-first” industries, this executive brief proposes five initiatives to make safety a competitive advantage.

Estimated Read Time: 10 minutes
Intended For: CEO, COO, CFO, VP of Quality/Compliance, General Counsel, Executive Director, VP of Sales/Marketing, Senior Living Investor, VP Resident Care, Board/Trustee