Get Safe

An infection control system built just for senior care.


Strengthen Your Infection Control Program

You’ve digitized your EHR and financial workflows with software, so why manage your infection control program with a hodge-podge of paper checklists, manual reports, unread emails, and outdated spreadsheets?

Our combined software and content solution enables you to build and manage a structured, sustainable, and robust infection control program. Our software automates the entire infection control workflow so your staff spend 50% less time on administrative work, and our ready-to-use assessments save time and ensure you can manage all infection risks.

Software That’s a Delight

  • Simple, easy-to-use interface (no training required)
  • Works on almost any device (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops)
  • No maintenance or IT needed (automatically updates)
  • Always available (hosted on a secure cloud)

Skeptical? Check out our solution overview:

Prebuilt Assessments & Audits

  • Based on the latest guidance from CDC, CMS, state health departments and senior care experts
  • Written in plain English (other languages coming soon)
  • Covers all 73 infection control risks
  • Customizable to suit unique conditions
  • Assisted Living COVID-19 Assessment
  • Hospice Facility COVID-19 Assessment
  • Home Hospice COVID-19 Assessment
  • Memory Care COVID-19 Assessment
  • Skilled Nursing COVID-19 Assessment
  • Massachusetts Infection Control Competency Assessment
  • Customize the above, or create your own assessment!


  • Assisted Living

  • Hospice Facility

  • Home Hospice

  • Memory Care

  • Nursing Home

  • Home Health Agency

  • Massachusetts DPH

  • Customize the above, or create your own assessment!


  • COVID-19 Symptoms Check (Employees)

  • COVID-19 Symptoms Check (Residents/Clients)

  • COVID-19 Symptoms Check (Visitors)

  • PPE Inventory

  • Dining Supplies Inventory

  • Hand Hygiene Observation

  • Donning & PPE Correctly Observation

  • Customize the above, or create your own audit!

Built Just for Senior Care

Nursing Homes

Multi-Unit Systems

Memory Care

Public Health

Home Health


Assisted Living

Skilled Nursing