Understanding & Preventing Risk in Senior Care

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CareSafely Infographic | Understanding & Preventing Risk Iceberg
CareSafely Infographic | Understanding & Preventing Risk Iceberg

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In the field of senior care, the list of potential risks seem endless. Staff injury, resident safety, and cybersecurity breaches—to name just a few—threaten the well-being of provider organizations and those in their care.

Managing risk can seem daunting. Understanding the relationship between observations and potential consequences is key to managing and avoiding negative outcomes.

Download our new infographic, “Understanding Risk & Prevention,” for a quick reference that ties what you observe to the potential outcome. You’ll see:

  • How a simple observation is the key to preventing adverse events
  • The breadth of risks present in senior care settings
  • The magnitude of those risks statistically

Having this sensibility allows senior care leaders to prioritize and mitigate risks before negative outcomes occur. Get ahead of risks by identifying them early.

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CareSafely enables senior living and long-term care providers to strengthen their Quality, Safety, and Compliance (QSC) programs. Purpose-built for senior care, the CareSafely software and content platform ensures that all QSC activities like risk assessments, corrective actions, staff competencies, and audits are proactively managed with 50% less effort.

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