About Us

Deliver Quality Care. Safely.

Quality, Safety, and Compliance (QSC) management is more critical than ever for senior care organizations. But QSC management is a manual, incomplete, inconsistent, and labor-intensive process. Even at the largest operators, it is managed with paper, sticky notes, spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, and hallway meetings. As a result, organizations have large safety, quality, and compliance blind spots.

The CareSafely software platform is built expressly for the unique QSC needs of senior care operators. We help your teams drive sustained improvements by identifying QSC risk, taking corrective actions, and ensuring QSC standards are consistently met by all employees. Across all shifts, all locations, all the time. While this technology is new to senior care, other industries have used QSC software with great success in driving unparalleled quality and safety improvements.

We are a team of QSC experts and software engineers passionate about helping you to deliver quality care. Safely.

Meet Our Team Leaders

We’re a team of safety experts, nurses, senior care operators, and software engineers who came together to make a difference. We build the software tools and expert content so you can get back to the Care part of your mission. Safely.

Raj Shah

Founder & CEO

Paul Boomgaart