About Us

Care. Safely.

COVID-19 caught the senior care community off-guard. The pandemic has taken a devastating toll on both the seniors and the staff who have worked tirelessly under unprecedented conditions. It’s also exposed the critical deficiencies in infection control and safety programs.

We owe it to them to never get caught off-guard again by strengthening infection control and safety. Not just through temporary, stop-gap measures to “get through” the current crisis. But sustainable, programmatic approaches that foster a culture of safety.

Our mission is to provide senior care heroes with the modern digital tools and expert content they need so they can stay on-guard. This means taking a holistic and structured approach to infection control. It means using best practices from other “safety-first” industries. It means using expert-based assessments to systematically review all safety risk points. It means creating action plans to fix open issues. It means conducting regular audits to ensure compliance. And it means doing it all with less manual effort and more automation.