Important Webinar: Nov. 24, 2pm ET

COVID-19: You Could Be Sued with Criminal Negligence & Civil Damages

Over 55 criminal and civil lawsuits have been filed against LTC directors and executives related to COVID-19 incidents. Could you be next? Join us for an informative webinar with an LTC-expert defense attorney who will brief you on the lawsuits and how you can protect yourself from personal liability while also protecting your organization.

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Strengthen Senior Care Safety, Quality, & Compliance

CareSafely enables skilled nursing, senior living, long-term care, and home health organizations to meet today's daunting challenge to strengthen safety and quality. Our software platform and content enable you to de-risk the operation while protecting your residents, staff, and reputation. Use CareSafely to:

Assess and track all risks in real time

Manage COVID-19 response

Cut admin time by 50%

Identify high-risk facilities and staff early

Limit legal and regulatory risks

Amplify safety commitment to residents and families

Build trackable action plans to eliminate risks

Drive safety and quality standards across all locations

View all safety and risk activities from a single dashboard

A Systematic, Complete, & Structured Approach

CareSafely strengthens your quality, safety, and compliance programs with a structured, programmatic approach to risk management. Our systematic approach is based on a four-phase continual improvement process: Assess, Act, Audit, and Analyze.

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CareSafely provides a pre-built library of expert Risk Assessments for safety, quality, and compliance. Assessments cover topics like Environment of Care, COVID-19 (up to 79 risk areas), quality review, patient safety, employee safety, MRSA, and more. Easily customize these assessments or add your own in minutes.

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Build corrective Action Plans to ensure any identified risks are remediated promptly. Action Plans include root cause analysis, corrective actions, completion date, budget, and assigned lead. The Action Plans can be monitored and tracked at the facility, regional, and headquarters level in real-time.

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Stay compliant with paperless audits and checklists. Improve staff compliance by 26% with fast competency checks for hand hygiene, PPE, med pass and more. Manage PPE and supplies inventory with ease. Carry out COVID-19 symptoms checks for visitors and employees.

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Monitor all risk factors at all locations with CareSafely’s interactive dashboard. It's your “command and control” center for tracking assessments, action plans, and audit results. Organizations with multiple locations can track and benchmark across their network and focus on high-risk areas and staff.

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