Protecting Seniors and Caregivers

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Strengthen Infection Control

These are challenging times for senior care providers, especially when it comes to patient and staff safety. We can help. CareSafely enables your organization to strengthen your infection control and other safety programs with a structured, programmatic approach that delivers sustainable results.


Structured and Sustainable

CareSafely takes a holistic, structured approach to infection control based on the “Four As of Safety” — Assess, Act, Audit, and Analyze. This proven process is used in other “safety-first” sectors like aerospace and manufacturing.

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Assess up to 73 infection control risk areas. Our pre-built assessments are based on the latest guidance from CDC, CMS, public health departments, and further vetted by industry experts for “real world” applicability. Assessments are available for nursing homes, SNFs, assisted living, hospice, memory care, and home-health.

CareSafely Assessment on Laptop


Build corrective action plans to mitigate and track any open risk areas. Action plans include root cause analysis, corrective actions, completion date, budget, and assigned lead.

CareSafely Action Plan on Laptop


Stay compliant with infection control protocols with paperless audits. Conduct digital audits of PPE inventory, hand hygiene, wearing PPE, COVID-19 symptoms checks (for staff, visitors, and residents), and more.

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The interactive dashboard displays assessment scores, action plans, and audit results so that the entire infection control program is robust, compliant, and audit-ready 24x7. Organizations with multiple locations can track and benchmark across their network and focus on high-risk areas.

CareSafely Analytics on Laptop

See How CareSafely Transforms Infection Control

Do More, Worry Less

Asked to do more with fewer resources and limited time? No worries. Use CareSafely to get your infection control program in top shape in less time.

Infection Control Leaders

Infection Control leadership is more critical—and under more scrutiny—than ever. You need the right program and tools to support a comprehensive and integrated IC program. CareSafely enables you to:

  • Digitize employee COVID-19 symptoms checks via text messaging
  • Conduct detailed assessments and build remediation plans
  • Audit compliance and analyze progress
  • Leverage the latest CDC, CMS and state-level guidance
  • Engage all caregivers and staff in the Infection Control program
  • Provide senior management with instant progress reports

Nursing and Caregiver Operations

Ensure your staff and residents stay safe with the digital tools you need to monitor your infection control program without taking up valuable time. CareSafely enables you to:

  • Monitor staff (pre-shift) and patient COVID-19 symptoms digitally
  • Ensure sufficient PPE is on hand with inventory audits
  • Observe and document hand hygiene compliance
  • Ensure other departments are onboard with infection controls
  • Eliminate paper-based checklists/audits

Executive Management

Running a senior care business has always been a challenge, but now even more so. Your leadership team needs to reassure patients, their loved ones, the community, and regulators that your organization has a robust infection control program in place. CareSafely enables you to:

  • Protect clients and staff with a comprehensive approach
  • Safeguard the company’s brand and market reputation
  • Identify and address risky behaviors early and quickly
  • Limit regulatory and liability risk
  • Amplify safety commitment to families and future residents

Multi-Unit Providers

Managing a company-wide infection control program for multiple facilities can be specially challenging. You want to provide individual facilities the flexibility to adjust to local conditions while also ensuring company-wide standards are met. CareSafely enables you to:

  • Centrally monitor and benchmark infection control risk by facility and functional area
  • Drive consistency and compliance through audits
  • Protect your brand and reputation (no weak link or rogue facility)
  • Be 24x7 ready for regulators and executive reviews
  • Identify and focus your time on the high-risk facilities
  • Recognize and reward leaders of low-risk facilities

Public Health Organizations

State/local health departments and licensing organizations are ramping up infection control audits in their jurisdictions. CareSafely can support your objectives with an all-digital solution that enables you to:

  • Minimize in-facility time for inspectors with paper-less audits
  • Instantly aggregate assessment data and conduct analysis
  • Identify emerging hotspots and problem areas/facilities in real-time
  • Use CareSafely-built assessments or upload your custom assessment
  • Track each facility’s progress and focus efforts on high-risk operators
  • Enable operators to conduct additional self-audits and instantly report results to your integrated dashboard