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COVID-19: You Could Be Sued with Criminal Negligence & Civil Damages

Over 55 criminal and civil lawsuits have been filed against LTC directors and executives related to COVID-19 incidents. Could you be next? Join us for an informative webinar with an LTC-expert defense attorney who will brief you on the lawsuits and how you can protect yourself from personal liability while also protecting your organization.

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Stronger Infection Control

These are challenging times for senior care providers, especially when it comes to patient and staff safety. We can help. CareSafely enables your organization to strengthen your infection control and other safety programs with a structured, programmatic approach that delivers sustainable results.


Safety & Risk Management for Today’s Reality

CareSafely enables your organization to strengthen your infection control and safety programs with a structured, programmatic approach to risk management. Our systematic approach is based on a four-phase continual improvement process: Assess, Act, Audit, and Analyze. This proven process is used in other “safety-first” sectors to drive meaningful and sustained improvements in safety and risk.

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CareSafely provides pre-built digital Risk Assessments for COVID-19 (up to 80 risk areas), C. diff, MRSA, patient safety, and employee safety. These assessments are based on the latest guidance from CDC, CMS, OSHA, and other reliable sources. They are further vetted by industry experts for “real world” applicability. You can even customize our assessments or build your own assessments

CareSafely Assessment on Laptop


Build corrective Action Plans to ensure any identified risks are remediated promptly. CareSafely’s Action Plans include root cause analysis, corrective actions, completion date, budget, and assigned lead. The Action Plans can be monitored and tracked at the community and corporate level in real-time.

CareSafely Action Plan on Laptop


Stay compliant with infection control protocols with paperless audits and checklists. Conduct digital checks for COVID-19 symptoms (staff, visitors, residents), PPE inventory, employee behavioral observations (hand hygiene, donning/doffing PPE), crash cart, and more.

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Monitor all risk factors at all locations with CareSafely’s interactive dashboard. It's your “command and control” center for tracking assessments, action plans, and audit results. Organizations with multiple locations can track and benchmark across their network and focus on high-risk areas and staff.

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